Thursday, September 05, 2013

"I'm Warning You, Don't Turn on Me"'s always conspicuous when a song hits the internet, yet there is no official cover art for it. That's generally an indication that the song wasn't meant to be released. Kinda like Fiddy's new one featuring the KIDinaKorner all-stars Skylar Grey and Alex Da Kid. Check the confirmation tweet below from the man himself..
I'm not gung ho about the track like I usually am about just about everything Skylar and Alex touch. The beat is solid, Skylar's hook hits the spot, but I've never been a huge 50 fan lyrically. This song didn't necessarily change how I think, but it might be a different story for you if you're more of a fan than I am...#smsaudio

50 Cent feat Skylar Grey - Warning You (Don't Turn on Me) (prod by Alex Da Kid)


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