Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bassnectar Will Take You Down

Who's in the mood for some in your face, flossy electronic music? Good! That's what hump day should be about, a little in your face bass-filled trap music to get you into the latter part of the week. Thanks to Bassnectar, we all received a wake up call today that only a Redbull addict would appreciate.

Normally known for dubstep, Bassnec ventured into the land of trap on his new single Take You Down. The best part about it, he managed to swirl in a screwed and chopped sample into the madness. It's a fun composition of electronic personality that has more of an orchestrated feel to it than chaotic. No idea what makes this particular version of the track a "special edit", but whatever the case, I'll take this version. Take this one to the dome, I'll catch ya on the flip side of the week...#HumpDay

Bassnectar - Take You Down (Special Edit)


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