Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"If the World Doesn't Change, We'll Never Get Dressed"

It's so rare that I come across a great R&B ballad these days that when I hear one, it's incredibly refreshing. Even better, the ballad below features two of my favorite artists you may not have a healthy enough appreciation for. I've waxed poetic a few times about the talents of Donald Glover, but you may not have gotten a solid dose of the extremely soothing vocals of Jhene Aiko. There's a complete calmness about her voice that sounds so soft on the ears. There's a great underlying message in Bed Peace that I hope you can fully take in too. It's extremely well written and thought provoking, so don't cut it short by simply vibing out to the mellow vibes the track produces. Word on the streets is that the track below is going to surface on her upcoming Sail Out EP that will be a precursor to her big studio debut Souled Out, which is scheduled for a 2014 release by Def Jam Records. You can bet that this won't be the last time you hear from her on this blog before that comes out...#BedPeace

Jhene Aiko feat Childish Gambino - Bed Peace


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