Friday, September 06, 2013

Videos of the Week September 6th

And just when you thought Kenny Powers was gone for good, here he comes for Season 4 of Eastbound and Down. Honestly, I'm more than a little intrigued to see where the plot ventures off to now that Kenny seems to be done with baseball. As long as it involves Danny McBride being a complete as$hole, it'll find a way to be entertaining.

Not sure if you've caught it or not, but Drake interviews have been aplenty of late with Nothing Was the Same on the horizon. Just over two weeks left til it drops, which explains why he's saying things like "I aspire to be Marvin Gaye." It's nice to hear that he's not ever going to ever make a 100% Hip Hop album and stray away from what got him to the point he's at now. I still wish I coulda made it to the Made in America Festival last weekend. Ah, how I miss Philly! I've posted a few Decoded videos, but in general I'm a huge fan of the Life & Times series. Oh and Bone Thugs is back, which is good for Hip Hop in general...#BTNH
Eastbound and Down Season 4 Trailer

Made in America Festival Highlights - Jay Z Watching Deadmau5

Drake Aspires to be Marvin Gaye
Big Sean - First Chain (Decoded)

Bone Thugs feat Ty Dolla $ign - Everything 100 (Video)


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