Friday, September 27, 2013

Videos of the Week September 27th

Admittedly, this week was a little heavy on Hip Hop, but that's not away a bad thing. Despite the fact that Drake went on just about every major media outlet, I refrained from posting more than one video of his. I know, I'm proud of myself too. I thought his mini-skit/video for Hold on We're Going Home was well done, though. Didn't see the track evoking a ransom situation with a whole lotta guns and stuff. SPOILER ALERT: Drake ends up saving the day and getting the girl.

Aside from that I got some pop/EDM, R&B and plenty of a$$ thanks to Wale's Clappers video. Dare I say take notes Miley? Cause the Twerk Team is in fully effect...#QueensOfTwerk
Drake - Hold on We're Going Home (Video))

Zedd feat Hayley Williams - Stay the Night (Video)

Jason Derulo - Marry Me (Video)

Flo Rida - Laser Light Show (Video)

Wale feat The Twerk Team - Clappers (Video)


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