Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Deadmau5 Loves Pets x 2

If you're like me, you wigged the f*ck out when you first heard deadmau5 play Strobe in concert. Played doesn't really do justice what he did to the song. On Philly's Festival Pier, he deconstructed and built the song from the bottom up, adding one layer at a time until it was a full musical composition. I had never heard an artist do that live in concert to give a symphony like experience with electronic music. After hearing that I gained a massive amount of respect for his talents as a musician.

I bring up Strobe because it reminded me a lot of both Pets 1 & 2. Taking it a step further, when put together as an entire ten minute song together as Pets 1 & 2 it comes close to approaching the awesomeness of Strobe. It's about as soothing as you can get with electronics, which is something not a lot of EDM artists can pull off. Tip of the cap Joel, your music is the gold standard for EDM for good reason...#Pets1

Deadmau5 - Pets 1 & 2


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