Monday, September 23, 2013

Tonight The Chainsmokers Own the Night

As pop and EDM continue to be frequent bedfellows, remixes blending the two genres keep on comin'. The latest hook up between the two came in the form of The Chainsmokers' remix of The Wanted's Tonight We Own the Night. Below is the original video for the track if you haven't been privy to Top 40 radio of late...
It seems like a lifetime ago, but when I first began writing about music on a daily basis, I actually posted The Wanted's debut single back in 2010. If you've been with the blog for the long haul, you may remember me posting their debut single Heart Vacancy. I'd like to think my music tastes have evolved to a more Hip Hop and electronic centered vibe, but that doesn't mean I'm above a good boy band ballad every now and again. It's real easy to look down on the boy band culture, but it takes a real man to admit they sing like nobody's watching in the car to The Wanted.

As far as the remix is concerned, it's about as mellow and cooled out as you're gonna hear these days from a synth driven track. The sampled vocals from the original track remain in place, but the added chords elevate the track to a higher level. While the original is more of a slow sing along, the remix takes on a slightly more upbeat, harmonious tone. It's yet another great example of how Alex and Drew have a knack for steering a well-known song toward a different direction that makes the track likeable in a completely different way. Don't be afraid to support the dynamic duo by copping the remix on Beatport. Although they may be an up and coming boy band in their own right and undoubtedly pulling boy band ass, they don't have a world tour yet, so give 'em some love...#WeOwnTheNight

The Wanted - Tonight We Own the Night (The Chainsmokers Remix)


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