Sunday, September 01, 2013

"Where the Sky is Blue Forever"

It's rare that I listen to a track and can't figure out on first listen why I like it. Usually there's some sort of long winded, overly adjective-d dramatic explanation that I can come up with to try and convey why I dig a track. Sometimes tracks like 's XXX 88 simply have an organic energy about them that is infectious and gives.

Maybe it's the horns and high octane vocals or the Diplo co-production that caught my eye. Either way, I'm a fan of the up and coming Danish artist that just so happens to be featured on Avicii's new album True. Evidently the track that was supposed to feature Lana Del Rey called Dance in the Water is actually going to be called Dear Boy and feature Karen Marie Ørsted or . I get how similar their voices are, but I would have thought there would have been some sort of clearly apparent correction that it wasn't Lana in the first place. Whatever the case, the fact that she's rubbing shoulders with some of the most talented DJs in the world should at the very least get your attention because it sure did mine...#XXX88 <---great song name to hashtag, take note artists

MØ - XXX 88 (prod by Diplo & Ronni Vindahl)


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