Saturday, September 07, 2013

Coldplay Sets the Tone for the New Hunger Games

I'm not sure you can do any better than Coldplay when it comes to setting the tone for a movie soundtrack. As a band they're incapable of making anything but emotional music, which is usually a plus for getting people interested about a new flick. What's more exciting than the actual song is the lyric video that recently hit the interwebs. Check it below and don't be afraid to be amazed...

I'd argue that enough people are so gung-ho about the Hunger Games series that getting Coldplay to captain the soundtrack is merely icing on the cake. I say that because people are already talking about tickets going on sale for part 2, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, on October 1st. That wouldn't sound weird if I didn't tell you the movie is hitting theaters on November 22nd. Yea that's a little nuts, but I'd be lying if I wasn't a little excited for it and another Jennifer Lawrence movie...#CatchingFire

Coldplay - Atlas


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