Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"I'm Fire Gasoline, Come Pour Yourself All Over Me"

As the colloquialism goes, it's best to strike while the iron is hot. If hot were to be measured in a practical way, it would be is reaching the top of the radio charts in the US. That's a feat that Zedd accomplished today with his latest single Clarity. Little do folks know that his latest single has been out for over a year now on his latest album appropriately titled Clarity.

For his new single, he hooked up with Paramore's own Hayley Williams. She plays the same role that Foxes played in Clarity, carrying the verses and building up to the drop. Check the teaser video below for visuals...

Given, it's about as bubblegum pop as it gets for EDM, but you might as well blow a few bubbles before it becomes ABC gum when the radio folks get a hold of it. I can't believe I just made an ABC gum reference...#YaBoyNeedsSleep

Zedd feat Hayley Williams - Stay the Night


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