Tuesday, August 07, 2012

"You Loved Me and I Froze in Time"

As if the first release of @davidguetta's latest album Nothing but the Beat wasn't enough, he's back with a re-release that will feature a few new singles. The first of which is the track below featuring @siamusic, which will be the 7th (yep you read that right) single off the album.

So far, only the extended mix and a few remixes have been released via the CDS on Beatport. Speaking of which, Beatport already has the track, but iTunes will not be privy to it until August 24th, which is interesting as it is continuing the trend of electronic artists favoring the Euro-centric Beatport over iTunes. If I were you, I'd fast forward about a minute to when the song actually starts and Sia kicks her high octane vocals into gear. From there, it's every bit of a club rocking dance single as any of DGuetta's past efforts. The track below only solidifies the notion that he can do no wrong and lend credence to the belief that he still has the American dance-pop in his back pocket. #AmericanEDMOnLock

David Guetta feat Sia - She Wold (Falling to Pieces)


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