Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Those Lips and Those Child Bearing Hips"

Even thought I only half like it, I see what @slaughterhouse is doing with these single choices. With Welcome To: Our House less than a week away from being released, they decided to put out to singles that are complete polar opposites.

The first single Goodbye was an absolute slam dunk and got the contemporary crowd to buy in on their new music. Now, less than a week later we get the @ProducerTMinus aided Throw That, which will resonate with the @eminem crowd. I say that because it's vulgar, it's quirky, it's basically dirty Hip Pop. I've never been a huge fan of Em's dirty singalongs, so I'm not a huge fan of the track below.

This isn't going to prevent me from expecting the world of Slaughterhouse's new album, though. If you haven't looked already, check out the production credits...#Stacked

Slaughterhouse feat Eminem - Throw That (prod by T-Minus)



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