Thursday, August 09, 2012

"I Just Glow, I'm So Special"

A while back @macmiller tweeted that he was working on multiple records with @Pharrell for his new Pink Slime EP. Knowing the way artists talk about collaborations, it's always safe to take a wait and see approach so that you don't get excited for an album that is infinitely delayed (see Detox). Nonetheless, the announcement which had the Hip Hop blogosphere excited and hopeful that more tracks like On a Roll would surface.

After this week, it seems like things are coming together nicely for the new EP. Not only did Mac let loose with the second Pharrell featured track, Glow, he also confirmed the EP is almost ready to come out of the oven.

What's most refreshing about Glow is the glistening, bouncy, yet unmistakable Neptunes sound that escapes from the beat. Skateboard P gets the production credit, but somewhere @ChadHugo is smiling from ear to ear doing his ghost-producer thing. Doesn't really matter who in the end gets the production credit, what's most important is realizing that Mac And P have developed some serious chemistry together in the studio. Call it similar alternative Hip Hop visions or just an on some other shit type of attitude, they see eye to eye, which shows musically and has me looking forward to some #PinkSlime...

Mac Miller - Glow (prod by Pharrell)



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