Monday, August 06, 2012

"If It Ain't About a Dolla Why You Talkin' To Me?"

Nothin' like a cool summer breeze outta Windy Chi-town. First and foremost, god bless Sony/Boardwalk/ATV for signing the @blendedbabies. The duo has been quietly emerging as one of the most underrated beatsmiths in the game, so signing them will ultimately end up being a good decision.

In celebration of the signing, the duo let loose with an epic Chicago based collabo from the rock n' sould group @theomyslive featuring the likes of @chancetherapper, @chuckisdope, @chip216, and @TWISTAgmg. You better believe the track is about as soulful as a southern baptist congregation and the message of the track is as clear as a freshly Windexed glass table. Between the back and forth twang of the guitar and the swaggerich money talks message throughout the hook and verses, it's apropos given the newly inked Blended Babies record deal.

Feel free to cool the f word out to this and whatever you do, don't fast forward and miss that 9th inning closer verse from Twista...#LightsOut

The O’My’s feat Twista, Chuck Inglish, Chip Tha Ripper & Chance The Rapper – Bout A Dolla (prod by The Blended Babies)


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