Friday, August 10, 2012

Videos of the Week August 10th

In an otherwise mundane week for videos, a few gems emerged from the sandy nothingness. For starters, I was entertained at how @kanyewest and @KimKardashian were able to joke about being the new hot celebrity couple with the host of the VMAs @KevinHart4real. Although they seem like the most artificial couple on the planet, it's refreshing to see them not take themselves too seriously.

Kudos to whoever decided on the pixelated style on @bobatl's new video for Play the Guitar video. It seems like a low budget way to be creative and when upscaled to HD, it's pretty fun to watch and follow along with. Last week I spoke on the controversy surrounding @Drake's new project with the upcoming Aaliyah album and it's good to hear he will be getting everyone else in on the project so he doesn't ruffle any feathers. I'm still not really sure why I included the chatroulette Call Me Maybe video, but let it be a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks they won't get someone like that dude...#Fuckery
B.O.B. feat Andre 3000 - Play the Guitar (Video)

Kanye & Kim K Hottest New Couple VMA Promo

Drake Speaks on Posthumous Aaliyah Album

Wiz Khalifa Interviewed on Chelsea Lately

Call Me Maybe Chatroulette Mix


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