Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"You Had Me Like a Dread Locked Down"

With just over a month til @machinegunkelly's debut album Lace Up hits, it's only fair that he drop the obligatory mixtape to get the hype machine running. I'm sure there's someone out their doing the due diligence to prove that the mixtape right before an album works well because it seems like everyone and their brother's mother's cousin is doing it nowadays.

For all of you that missed it two weeks ago, his new tape is titled EST 4 Life and includes the track below. Not only did he sample of one my favorite bands (@thescript) best songs (For the First Time), but he showed an introspective side that is a stark contrast to his usual self. Maybe I'll partially take that back because he shares his love lost story in a real abrasive way, but would you expect anything less from MGK?

If you haven't heard the song, I'd encourage you to watch the @Spordy19XX directed visuals below...

The real question is have we heard his best already with Invincible already having been released? My inclination is to say yes, but I'm hopeful the answer is no. Is it time for the weekend yet?...#PowerRager

Machine Gun Kelly - Her Song


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