Friday, August 17, 2012

Videos of the Week August 17th

What name do you think of when you hear Hip Hop videos? For me, I think of @HypeWilliams, who has almost single-handedly been steering the visuals for Hip Hop art for the past 20 years. I find it pretty nuts that the first video he directed was back in 1991 and two decades later, he's still churning out awe-inspiring new videos. His newest in the form of @djkhaled's new hot with @rickyrozay and @kanyewest. Sure, you may feel like you're in an earthquake when you watch it, but it's flashy as hell, which has always been his style. Did I catch a Kim K cameo around the 5:14 mark too?

Is anyone as entertained by @nardwuar as I am? Dude is beyond quirky and rappers as a whole don't know what the hell to think of him and his antics. Speaking of antics, I don't know what the hell to think of @charleshamilton's latest MTV interview. You want to talk about a cryptic, otherwordly interview. I'm starting to worry that Charles is one of those special white hot flames the burn so bright and flamboyant that they have a hard time staying lit. I'll let you take that last statement for what it's worth, but I really miss the potential we saw back on the day with tracks like this. I guess if Charlie Sheen can do it anybody can? #DudeIsStillNuts
DJ Khaled feat Kanye & Rick Ross - I Wish You Would (Video)

T.I. - Go Get It (Video)

Narduwar Interviews 2 Chainz

Twista - I Ain't Wired Right (Video)

Charles Hamilton Talks Relationship With J Cole


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