Thursday, August 16, 2012

"It Feels Like I Just Kissed the Curse"

To be honest, this has been the most exciting week of new music for me in 2012. It seems like every night there is a new track that finds a way to out-do last night's track that was my new favorite. Feel free and apply that last sentence to the track below, which combines an artist I wish we'd hear more music from (@EricTurner)and a DJ who consistently churns out great music (@avicii).

To this date, Eric has been known for delivering great hooks and he didn't disappoint on the track below. Sure, Avicii found a way to jettison the track to a level it never would have reached without his crisp and bouncy synth beat. Someday Avicii's sytle will get old because his beat patterns are so alike, but that day is nowhere close because I for one am going to continue to eat it up like it's my last meal. #GodWouldBeProud

Eric Turner - Dancing In My Head (Avicii's Been Cursed Remix)


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