Sunday, August 19, 2012

All I Can Say is Abso-F'in Lutley!

If there's one thing that @DONNISMUSIC has down pat is the ability to churn out singles. With the help of @jayantmusic and @IAMSU he did it again this week with a new upbeat, booty shaking track Absolutely. Even better, he let loose the Soundcloud link for you to cop for free because he knows you're gonna tell all your friends how much you like it and probably play it at your big house party this weekend when all your friends come back to campus.

The track below will be a part of Donnis's new Break Hundreds & Hearts EP is scheduled to drop on August 28th. Also on the EP will be his previous single Hello Kitty that can be found on iTunes. I'm hoping that with each EP, he gets closer to the full length studio album that will be his big break. He's got the Top 40 singles down pat, all he needs is a litle marketing effort to get heard by the masses.

Maybe 2012 will be his year? "#ABH we break hundreds and hearts"...

Donnis feat IAMSU & Jay Ant - Absolutely


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