Friday, August 03, 2012

Videos of the Week August 3rd

Whole lotta Hip Hop and a lil R&B is on the menu for this week's video catch up. You'd be a damn fool not to respect the type of music @bigkrit is putting out of late. @tip better step up his game because K.R.I.T. is taking over the South as the most highly sought after artist.

You're in for a double shot of @ludacris this week too with his Jingalin' video hitting the interwebs. Interesting how MMG peiced together the video for 3 Kings. Is there any chance Jersey Shore won't adopt @wakaflockabsm's new track with @bobatl as it's new theme song?...#NoBrainer

Big K.R.I.T. feat Ludacris - What U Mean (Video)

Ludacris - Jingalin' (Video)

Waka Flocka feat B.O.B. - Fist Pump (Video)

Justin Bieber feat Big Sean - As Long As You Love Me (Video)

Rick Ross feat Dr Dre & Jay-Z - 3 Kings (Video)


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