Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Till Next Time, My Friend, Farewell, Goodbye"

When @slaughterhouse signed with Shady records, I was excited for a lot of reasons. Many of the reasons had to do with a major label finally throwing some money behind them (long overdue!). Monetary investment aside, I was cautiously optimistic that they would be able to grow their music and expand from being known solely as lyricists. I say cautiously because with a label's investment usually comes radio friendly singles, which have been hit or miss with their creative, but at times abrasive one liners.

Spoken from someone who really enjoys their non-radio tracks chalked fully of swagger laden one liners, I'm really glad they finally did a lyrically thoughtful track. With they help of @boi1da, they managed to produce a new single that will strike a chord with a lot of people. On Goodbye three fourths of Slaughter take to the mic to share deeply personal stories surrounding personal loss. From losing an uncle/mentor, grandma or unborn child, the topic of loss is something everyone experiences at some point of life and I was impressed that they took to mic to tell their stories.

Welcome To: Our House drops in ten days on Aug 18th. I'm expecting a front to back solid effort based on what I've heard so far...#ForecastingAClassic

Slaughterhouse - Goodbye (prod by Boi-1da)


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