Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Indicud Coming Soon - Just What I Am

No joke, I about jumped out of my seat when I heard the first minute or so of @wizardcud's new joint Just What I Am. The electronics faded in over a slow beat clap set the table perfectly for @Chip216 to absolutely kill his verse. Maybe name changes are all Hip Hop artist need nowadays to all the sudden become awesome with Chip the Ripper becoming King Chip (think 2 Chainz/Tity Boi). I guess with King James gone for good from Cleveland, the city needs a new king? Not saying Chip was bad prior to this track, but dude took it to another level and was crossing his t's and dotting his i's all over this one.

Despite the fact that I'm in love with the beat, I really wish the hook would have been better. Sure, it fits in well with what Cudi usually raps about with the whole smoking theme, but it was a little abrasive when contrast against the soothing vibe of the track. I can't say it's not unique because it fits the bill with the whole otherworldly persona of Scotty, but the latter part of the hook is great and sounds a lot like the type of harmony that got him there.

The important think to note is that Indicud is coming soon and will be released by G.O.O.D. Music. Even better, it'll be a double disc and about 80% of the album will be produced by Cudi himself. If you're keeping score at home, he's ow 1 for 1 on single choices with the track below serving as the ideal start to a new album...#

Kid Cudi feat King Chip - Just What I Am


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