Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"It's Like a Million Dollar Phone That You Just Can't Ring"

There a few bands that I like more than @OneRepublic. I'd say about 90% of that is due to lead singer Ryan Tedder's greatness, but they're a band, and should be respected as such. Speaking of which, they did a cool behind the scenes piece in studio that shed light on some of the less heralded band members...

Their lead single below, Feel Again, does a great job of setting the tone for their third studio album. Again, it's fantasy football season so here comes another metaphor. Saying that One Republic's new album is going to be great is like saying Ray Rice or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers are going to be great. It doesn't get more safe than what they bring to the table. Maybe it's because they make well thought out, complex music or have a great mastermind behind their music, but either way, they make for a reliable band all around.

No word yet on what their new album will be titled, but I'm betting it finds a way to hit shelves before the end of the year. It's great to finally #FeelAgain...

One Republic - Feel Again


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