Monday, August 20, 2012

"Don't You Worry Child, See Heaven's Got a Plan For You"

If it were your choice, would you rather go out on top like John Elway or bleed out your career like the Michael Jordans and Brett Favres of the world? I'm betting that's a pretty cut and dried answer, but stupid rhetorical question aside, it seems as if @swedishousemfia is trying to do the former when they release their upcoming album One Night Stand months after announcing they would be calling it quits as a group. My take on it is, yea it's a bummer that they're collectively hanging it up as a group, but like any sum of parts, the individuals are capable of doing great things too (Sebastian, Axwell and Steve).

Living in the now, their newest release below is aided in a big part by their vocalist extraordinaire @the_johnmartin. You might remember his booming vocals on Save the World? I wouldn't quite put the track below in the category of the former, but it's still a great single. Comparatively, Don't You Worry is more upbeat and just might have you cutting a rug on the dance floor rather than grabbing the person next to you and yelling out a hook together like it's the last song of the night (Journey style.

Solid single no matter how you slice it. Looking forward to hearing their (presumably) last album in it's entirety...#DYWC

Swedish House Mafia feat John Martin - Don't You Worry Child


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