Thursday, August 30, 2012

deadmau5 For Coffee Drinkers

Sticking with the @deadmau5 theme this week, below is another track that surfaced recently off his upcoming album . To be honest I was torn trying to decided whether to post the original or the @DJ_MillerTime There Might Be Coffee featuring @evasimons. I ended up going with the original because I want to make the point that it deadmau5's track don't need vocals to be awesome. Much to the chagrin of some folks who like to sing along, his creations can be just as awesome when delivered as an instrumental.

If you're not encouraged to cool out to the calming electro rhythms below then you took a wrong turn and ended up at the wrong blog. This one is cooler than a sack of cucumber seeds in the fridge on setting 5...out of 5. Yea, I know chilled to the max right? Hear for yourself...#SoothingEDM

deadmau5 - There Might Be Coffee


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