Monday, August 13, 2012

Dubstep With The Muse = Unsustainable

Not once since the inception of this blog have I ever featured two alt rock tracks on back to back nights. Tonight that ends, all in the name of a glorious sub-genre of electronic music that goes by the name of Dubstep.

Instead of a Dubstep remix of an alt rock track like last night, tonight we have a home grown, organic creation by the @muse off their upcoming new album The 2nd Law. As it turns out, they were inspired by none other than @skrillex to create what ended up being the track below Unsustainable.

If you read between the lines, the track has sort of a preachy U2 sort of protest vibe as if they're telling us the way we're going about music and life is unsustainable. While there are plenty of opportunities to draw real world parallels, I'm choosing ignore the lyrical implications by continuing to be in awe of the end product that came from the alt rock/Dubstep love child.

The only thing Unsustainable is the level of quality The Muse is able to achieve by combining the two genres...#PioneerStyleEpic

Muse - Unsustainable


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