Saturday, August 04, 2012

"Under Solid Light Skies, Wide Awake I, Don't Wanna Go Home"

In a copycat world where bloggers battle everyday to provide their opinions on new music as it becomes available, it's tough to differentiate yourself from the masses. Sure there is a deviation from the mean every now and then, but for the most part, it's like monitoring the waiver wire for new stuff and quickly share the track and let everyone know how you feel about it. I'm just as guilty of taking that approach daily, but there are times I get really tired of trying to keep up and instead strive to post something you wouldn't normally hear.

Cue up the entrance music for an electronic duo out of BK that you may not have heard of. The band (The Hundred in the Hands) was named after the phrase the Lakota Nation gave to the 1866 Fetterman Battle in Wyoming, in which Crazy Horse led his warriors to a victory that resulted in the death of 100 enemies. +1 to the historical reference and deeper meaning behind the band name for starters. Additionally, they remind me a LOT of LCD Soundsystem, which is a great thing. The dark haunting synths combined with Eleanore Everdell soothing vocals mix together for an interesting concoction. Put it this way, if you told me that James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem produced this track, I wouldn't have thought twice about questioning you.

The track below, Keep it Low, surfaced back in May and was featured on their new Red Night album released in June. Remember as a kid when your mom tried to get you to try something new that she said was good for you? Consider this a musical version of that episodic memory...#EatYourLimaBeans

The Hundred in the Hands - Keep it Low


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