Wednesday, August 08, 2012

"What You Think Man Time To Rob a Bank"

I've said it for a long time and I'll continue to repeat it until everyone gets it. @itspacdiv is one of the best Hip Hop groups in the game hands down, no doubt about it. I would say the best, but it's hard to slight their kinfolk @thecoolkids when Mikey and Chuck have been putting out similar dope material.

One thing that sets both groups apart from the pack (no pun intended) is their ability to include trunk rattling bass on their singles. With the help of @SCOOPDEVILLE, they earned the 808 Check label on Bank. First thought that comes to mind when hearing the beat is hyphy with the bouncy, Bay Area bass leading the way. All things considered, the track goes harder than Stephan Feck's splash off the 3m diving board at the Olympics. #EpicFail

Word has it this lil dime bag of audio awesomeness is going to land on Pac Div's new GMB album due out October 16th. If the upcoming release by the group doesn't make you excited in the least bit, then you my friend are reading the wrong blog...#ClickTheXTopRightCorner

Pac Div - Bank (prod by Scoop Deville)


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