Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Kill Paris Continues to Churn Out Great Music

If there's one thing I look to from Kill Paris, it's funky electronica. Knowing that, his new single, where r u, was literally music to my ears. It ventures off the beaten path a bit toward a more experimental sound, but what you get are a succession of interesting changes in tempo. Take for example around the 1:04 mark where the beat shifts into this downward spiral of dopeness out of the blue. If you're keeping score at home, where r u is the second single off his upcoming Awakening EP. Oh, and if you'll be near Philly, DC, or the West Coast over the next month, you might want to see if he'll be in your area. In other words, I'll see some of you in Sactown on the 19th...#LookingFowardToIt

Kill Paris - where r u


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