Sunday, May 14, 2017

"Let It Go, Cause I'ma I'ma Go For Broke"

There's a lot to sink your teeth into with Machine Gun Kelly's new single Go For Broke. First and foremost, Hip Hop heads like me immediately noticed the "Ahhhhh" breadcrumb at the start of the track signifying a Runners beat. Needless to say, their contribution to the track was a huge reason why it necessitated a post. Second, if you're an X Factor fan, you'll enjoy that season 9 winner James Arthur chipped in a stellar hook on the track. His voice alone was a golden ticket to Top 40 appeal. And all this is not to take anything away from Machine Gun Kelly who has vaulted himself into the lime light with a succession of noteworthy singles. When you add this to At My Best and Bad Things, you've got yourself a foundation for a great album. Speaking of which, Bloom hit e-tailers on Friday. At this point if you haven't already jumped over to Spotify to give the album a listen then you're missing out...#GoForBroke

Machine Gun Kelly feat James Arthur - Go For Broke (prod by The Runners & Monarch)


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