Friday, May 19, 2017

Videos of the Week May 19th

Plenty of music and a few interesting cameos in this week's top five. Led by two funny and entertaining videos from Big Boi/Adam Levine and Train. Any time you've got Big Boi coming to retrieve his dry cleaning from a disorganized dry cleaning owner Adam Levine, hilarity will ensue. Similarly, any time you toss in cameos from comedians Ken Jeong, George Lopez, Jim Breuer with a Marshawn Lynch appearance, entertainment is on the way. If fiction is more your type, you'll enjoy the storytelling that accompanies Alan Walker's new futuristic video for Tired.

For a sprinkle of culture, how about some #feminism in the house? Needless to say, I'll be watching Wonder Woman's new movie when it comes out in theaters. And yes, she did get her own damn theme song thank you very much. Rounding out this week's top five is an emotional and well-constructed tribute to Paul Pierce. Having it narrated by Kendrick Lamar is about as perfect as it gets too. Tip of the cap to the Clippers for putting that together to commemorate such a legendary career...#ThankYou34

Big Boi feat Adam Levine - Mic Check (Video)

Train - Drink Up (Video)

Alan Walker feat Gavin James - Tired (Video)

Wonder Woman: Rise of the Warrior (Trailer)

Paul Pierce Tribute (Narrated by Kendrick Lamar)
Photo Credit: YouTube


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