Monday, May 15, 2017

"Smoke Like a Sailor, Curse Like a Chimney"

There's something incredibly genuine and endearing about Chance the Rapper. His ability to effortlessly go between harmony and rhymes is something unmatched by any artist in Hip Hop. He's doing his absolute best to bring some lime light back to gospel with the way he's able to incorporate it into his music. Take his new with Kaytranada for example. It starts with a childish call and repeat intro that leads into a piano led sing-songy track. Not many could pull off the almost silly tone of the track, but somehow, some way he found a way to sprinkle in some soulful power vocals around the 2:30 mark. It's not the usual funk beat that you'd expect from Kaytranada, but it's further proof that he just plain makes great music. Not sure where this one will end up album wise as it was just debuted on Pharrell's Beats1 OTHERTone Radio yesterday, but wherever it ends up will be a place that'll be frequenting...#AndTheySay

Chance the Rapper - And They Say (prod by Kaytranada)


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