Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"M&M's, Sweet Like Candy Cane"

Last week I made a best of Travis Scott playlist in an attempt to reel in all my favorite tracks of his throughout the years. Of the favorites, Dance on the Moon, Wonderful, and Oh Me Oh My stood out as a top three, but that was before I heard his new one below. Butterfly Effect deserves to be in the same upper echelon as the top three because it has exactly what the other tracks have. It has a mellowed out beat with sing-songy vocals and sharp ad-libs mixed throughout. Credit to Murda Beatz for setting the tone on this one. His simple, but somehow not monotonous steady clapping beat with quiet synths painted a perfect canvas to showcase Travis's wide range of vocals and bars. I can't honestly tell you what in the hell the song is about, but it doesn't matter because each time I listen, I find myself trying to sing along. A trademark of good Hip Hop is that it can be about nothing at all and the audience still feels compelled to try and keep up with their own vocals. Travis had mastered that to a T, which means I'm going to keep falling for his mellowed out brand of Hip Hop with each release...#ButterflyEffect

Travis Scott - Butterfly Effect (prod by Murda Beatz)


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