Monday, May 01, 2017

"Maybe We'll Meet Again in Another Life"

Last week was one star studded collaboration after another. This week is starting out on the same note with a massive collection of talent in the form of Another Life. It'll probably get buried in the lede, but Ester Dean's contribution to the track is what I geeked out on the most. She's been a part of some big songs, but for me her demo tracks going back as far as a decade were what really impressed me. It's more of a made for radio instrumental than a party starter, but Ester's vocals are what you'll end up remembering. Honorable mention goes to the burst of emotion on the drop by two of the best in EDM. If you're a Sci-Fi fan, you'll appreciate the animated, 3D depiction of the track below. Even better, they put the Radio Mix of the track on Spotify. Plenty of ways enjoy this one, so pick your favorite outlet...#AnotherLife

Afrojack & David Guetta feat Ester Dean - Another Life


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