Sunday, May 21, 2017

"When I Hear You Say, It's Gonna Be OK"

Man...when was the last time you heard the name James Blunt? Oh yea, it was definitely when he swept us all away with You're Beautiful in 2009...

Who could forget that unmistakably unique voice? Well, he's back to put his mark on what could be one of the bigger summer anthems in EDM. Robin Schulz's OK has everything you look for in an "anthem." It comes equipped with a memorable ebb and flow of emotion, augmented by piano led beat and an echoing hook you can sing along with. Who am I kidding, the steady repeat loop I'm in right now is caused in large part by Blunt's stellar vocals. It's less of a rowdy club anthem and much more of a "song you can play anywhere for any occasion and people will vibe out to it." I'm trying to get more selective with what I add to the GWDJ Favorites list, but this one was a no-brainer addition...#OK

Robin Schulz feat James Blunt - OK


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