Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Formal Intro to the Potential of XXXTENTACION

In Hip Hop it seems especially easy to write off so called "one-hit wonders." The genre as a whole seems to cater to quick viral cash grabs, but not all fizzle out. Enter 19 year old XXXTENTACION, who about a year ago put his name on the map with Look At Me. Make no mistake, that beat and track as a whole goes hard in the paint.

Fast forward to this week where triple XXX did another cannonball on the scene with two new releases. First it was Gospel with fellow splash rapper Rich Chigga. I don't need to get into Rich Chigga's awesomeness was well documented by other rappers months ago. But that track was small potatoes compared to his new one with Diplo. Looking for a Star sounds nothing like what you'd expect from the young rapper as he adopts a much more sing-songy tone on his new one. There's something unique and tropical about it that forces you to keep listening. And for those who keep listening they're awarded with a five-star masterpiece riddim cooked up by Diplo around the minute and a half mark. It has the feel of an unfinished track, but that doesn't make it any less likeable. All in all, the jury's still out in XXXTENTACION, but there's no mistaking the momentum he's gained back this week...#LookingForAStar

XXXTENTACION - looking for a star (CANT GET YOU OUT MY HEAD) (prod by Diplo)


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