Sunday, October 01, 2017

Troyboi's Music Doesn't Just Bang, It Kinjabangs

It's taken a few listens to Troyboi's new Left is Right to finally land on a standout track, but the cream has finally risen to the top. To date, the track I've liked the most of Troyboi's have been heavy, choppy, and full of attention grabbing percussion. That formula holds true on Kinjabang, but with an interesting oriental flavor. Not sure what language the vocal sample is taken from, but it sounds Chinese and matches the guzheng sounding chord progression on the beat. The resulting sound is playful, but goes hard and the cuts and scratches give it the unrefined edge that generally accompanies anything Troyboi puts out. Don't get it twisted, it's Trap at it's core, but the instrumental creativity on this track is dope af. Moral of the story is that you should check out his new EP because there's plenty more gold buried the mound of 20 tracks...#Kinjabang

Troyboi - Kinjabang


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