Monday, October 30, 2017

"Almost 23, We're Almost 23 And I'm Still Your Everything"

About a year back, Lido released a track that got a lot of attention in Only One. The track features vocals from Jaden Smith and is as soulful as it is poetic. There are jazzy undertones sprinkled throughout and the stream of consciousness style vocals impart an authenticity that's hard to pull off. Check it out for a refresher...

Fast forward to five days ago when Goldlink chipped in a verse over the original beat. The level of storytelling got ratcheted up about ten levels with Goldlink on the mic. His back and forth, pitter-patter diction adds a level of intrigue that the original didn't have. It may only be two and a half minutes long, but it succeeded in resurrecting the soul of the original while delivering a modern-day lyrical poet effort from one of the best in the game right now...#OnlyOne

Lido feat Goldlink - Only One


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