Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Louis Futon Seeks Justice for Barb of Stranger Things

Now four episodes deep in the second season of Stranger Things, I'm convinced the theme song has staying power. When I say staying power, I mean it sounds like it was made in the 1980s, but it's still able to play well present day, thirty years later. With tonight being Halloween, you can bet one out of every five costumes will have something to do with the show and damn near every house is going to be rocking the Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack.

Then you've got this masterpiece of a remix that Louis Futon cooked up. Like he's been known to do, he dissected and documented his flip of the original...all while rocking a Barb outfit. If you don't understand the Barb reference, then you need to catch up on Season 1...

Hat tip to Louis for delivering a thumping remix of a modern day classic. Don't be bashful folks, there's plenty of bass and a rocking guitar riff to spice it up for you EDM heads. Oh and don't forget to peep the hashtag to jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon...#justiceForBarb

Stranger Things (Louis Futon Flip)


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