Friday, October 13, 2017

Videos of the Week October 13th

This week's top five starts and ends with Eminem's fierce lyrical attack on Donald Trump via his BET Awards Freestyle Cypher. The amount of energy it generated throughout music and politics speaks to the time we're currently living in. As more and more of pop culture, entertainment, and professional athletes draw lines in the sand with their stance on our president, it'll be interesting to see who ends up "winning" the social media war in the end.

Aside from super-caustic freestyles, Odesza and Leon Bridges jumped in to remind us that music is as soulful and pure as ever. There's such a warmth surrounding the vibe of Across the Room and the video did a good job of capturing that feel-goodness. Speaking of feel-goodness, nothing butters my bread like some good ol' instrumental experimentation. Hard to imagine someone being more equipped to do that than Mura Masa and we were lucky enough to have the curtain peeled back a bit to see his creative process. If you're in the need of some hype to finish out the week, look no further than Goldlink's performance of Crew at one of his recent shows. You can always tell if an artist is hype but how the crowd reacts to his music. Watch that performance and tell me he doesn't have a hardcore following. Rounding out the top five is some Country music. Not just any Country music though, it's Kendrick Lamar's hits being flipped into Country. Fyütch took a page out of South Park's book with this one, but it wasn't any less entertaining...#CountryKendrick

Eminem Goes IN on Donald Trump via BET Awards Freestyle

Odesza feat Leon Bridges - Across the Room (Video)

Rhythm Roulette with Mura Masa

Goldlink - Crew (Live)

Fyütchology Ep 12: Country Kendrick Lamar

Photo Credit: BET via YouTube


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