Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Been Feeling Gryffin's Remix Since 1966, Now

Is Portugal. The Man's Feel It Still the most hype track out right now? It's a fair question given how much EDM has remixed the track over the past few weeks. To recap, about a month ago I posted ZHU's deep house remix of the track. Fast forward to late last week when Gryffin took a swing at his own melodic house version of the original. The subtly funky beat imparts a calmness to the original vocals, making for a chill start to the track. Then the vibrant chords come crashing in for a jubilant release on the drop. Call it the latest reason to go and check out Gryffin's Castle in the Sky Tour. I'm looking forward to seeing many of y'all at the Warfield on November 10th. For reference check the original video below and feel free to bang out the each of the two remixes if you so choose...#FeelItStill

Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (Gryffin Remix)


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