Saturday, October 07, 2017

Dillon Francis and Halsey Are Bad At Love

Rarely is a song ever so remix-worthy that it deserves it's own EP. Given the success of Halsey's latest album, it's no surprise Bad At Love was deemed worthy of five different remixes. From Autograf to Hook N Sling to Dillon Francis, there were a lot of big names in the mix.

Out of the pool of five, my favorite of the bunch was (unsurprisingly) Dillon's mix. The steady, back and forth knock on the beat and tribal undertones gives the track an added level of intrigue that Halsey's stellar vocals couldn't alone accomplish. It's hard to pull off, but Dillon's mix of rhythmic and chill hits a sweet spot for me. I've been listening to this one non-stop the past two days, so feel free and follow me on over to Spotify or iTunes if you're as big of a fan...#BadAtLove

Halsey - Bad At Love (Dillon Francis Remix)


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