Wednesday, October 04, 2017

"Oh You Hung Me Out To Dry, I Only Meant To Love You"

I've posted a few JAUZ tracks throughout the years, but none have been as dance worthy as his new one with ROUXN. Meant to Love has a gentle lead in, but gets after it with a balls to the wall, wobbly bass heavy chord progression. ROUXN's vocals are fun and melodic, providing a perfect compliment to the playful energy of the track.

Before diving deep on the track below, you need to know there's a half minute of stalled tempo around the two and a half minute mark that may cause you to move on to the next song. If you have the attention span to listen to a whole five minute song, you'll be rewarded at the end for making it through the peaks and valleys of the track. JAUZ takes it up a few notches around the four minute mark, turning up the bass and laying into the chords even more. It's a hype track that will be getting a lot of love this week on GWDJ Favorites... #MeantToLove

JAUZ feat ROUXN - Meant To Love You


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