Friday, October 20, 2017

Videos of the Week October 20th

Bit of a slow week for videos, but that didn't stop the top five from rolling along. Rather than post the usual suspects, I went a little off script this week including the likes of Thundercat's Tiny Desk bass brilliance and a long form interview of Chance the Rapper's manager Pat Corcoran. There's a whole lot of soul baked into Thundercat's music and that fact was on full display with his stripped down performance at NPR. If you haven't read up on Chance's unique come up that has defied traditional super stardom in music, there's plenty to unpack in the hour long interview detailing how it all went down.

In the latest example of music, culture, and brands mixing, look no further than ZHU's collabo with Adidas. I will admit, as long as it results in new music, you can try and sell me anything you want to attach to it. If some real music videos is what you're after, I've got an EDM and Hip Hop favorite for the week. Afrojack and Hardwell need no introduction and their latest video shows how much fun they're capable of having on stage and on tour together. Man being a DJ sure seems like a fun occupation. Don't leave out Hip Hop, though, there are plenty of perks to being able to flow on the mic. I've been listening to Redman and Method Man for the greater part of two decades now and it's refreshing to know they haven't lost a step over the years. If Time is Money is about as dope as it gets from Red and Meth...#WuTang

Thundercat Performs at NPR's Tiny Desk

Chance the Rapper's Manager (Pat Corcoran) Speaks on Chance's Come Up

ZHU - Waters of Monaco (Adidas Campaign Video)

Afrojack & Hardwell feat MC Ambush - Hands Up (Video)

Wu-Tang - If Time is Money (Fly Navigation) (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube


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