Thursday, October 12, 2017

RL Grime Kicks His Tour Off With Dope New Single, Era

Here he goes again with those loud, arena filling horns. RL Grime has always had a reputation for being able to turn up to a level that most DJs could only dream of reaching. Need some recent evidence? Look no further than his latest single, Era, where he shows off that ceiling yet again.

The track takes a full minute to rev up and take off. When it does, it unleashes a symphony of bass, whiny horns, and a steady click-clack of percussion. What's cool too is the complete tear down and start back up of the beat multiple times throughout the track. Sure, all DJs love to follow the formulaic build up and drop model, but nobody does it quite as thoroughly as RL Grime. If you listen real closely, you might hear Redman cameo in the mix too.

Simply put, words won't do justice to how pumped I am to see him in concert next weekend in SF at Bill Graham. As an FYI, his tour kicks off tonight in Vancouver and will go all the way through Thanksgiving. Someone in between his upcoming Nova album will presumably drop, which means there's plenty of RL on the horizon in this neighborhood of the internet...#Era

RL Grime - Era


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