Saturday, October 14, 2017

"We Can Do Revenge, Revenge, Revenge, Together"

Nothing like a playful song about making someone feel the same type of pain they made you feel. Conjured up by two of the most fierce, emotional artists in music, Revenge straddles the fence between spiteful and funny. These three bars by Pink sum it up quite well, "Sue you, take your dog, take your house, Take your shoes, take your heart, And now here comes that singin' part."

As for Eminem's verse, he doesn't hold back on his favorite derogatory female descriptors, but his tone is far from serious. There's an interesting harmony in both Pink and Eminem's verses that encourage retaliation too. The back and forth comes off as more of a game, adding to the playfulness of the vibe. The song emerged as one of the 13 songs on Pink's new Beautiful Trauma album that dropped yesterday. I haven't given the album much of a listen yet, but you can bet it'll contain at least a few chart topping singles. One thing that stood out to me is the lack of features on the album. I guess when you get to be as big as Pink, there's less of a necessity to pull in other artists to make great music. More power to her, looking forward to picking a few favorites from the album...#Revenge

Pink feat Eminem - Revenge (prod by Shellback and Max Martin)


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