Monday, October 09, 2017

It's Always Sunny in Sam Feldt's World

I'm still trying to wrap my head around whether Sam Feldt is more of a remix wizard or an artist who walks the line between picking the right samples and over-sampling. For reference, a few of the sample heavy tracks include Be My Lover, Save Tonight, and Show Me Love. Don't get me wrong, those three are all favorites of mine from the 90s that he resurrected in his own unique, Trop House-y way.

But if we've learned anything from The Chainsmokers, it's that you can start a career with remixes and morph into a heavyweight, pop-defining artist. And if you can't tell from my comments above, Sam's samples are generally executed really well. While I'm add it, might as well add his collabo with Joshua Radin to the mix. In case you aren't a fan of Folk music, you might have missed the original version of High and Low (below)...

Pretty chill track that puts on full display his vocal prowess. Now add in a bubbly chord progression from Sam Feldt and it all comes together nicely. Adding a little tempo, some snaps, and a strong piano backbone did the original well. I love the fact that he kept the acoustic guitar in the remix too. Oh and don't sleep on those horns man! Dare I say it skates dangerously close to my favorite strain of EDM, Newgrass. It's another good look for Sam Feldt and his new Sunrise album is chalked full of goodness that you need to check out on iTunes or Spotify...#Sunrise

Sam Feldt feat Joshua Radin - High and Low


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