Monday, October 23, 2017

"Soon as My Eyes See the Sunshine"

Just what we all needed, some 70s funk baked into a fresh EDM track. Leave it to Pretty Lights to dig up a classic track from The Brothers Johnson and flip it into something more modern. Strawberry Letter 23 was produced by the legendary Quincy Jones and released back in 1971, well before even I was born. Check the original below for reference...

Hard to hate on the quiet R&B vocals, twinkling synths, and funky guitar of the original. As far as Pretty Lights version is concerned, there's a screwed and chopped element to the slowed vocals that sucked me in from the start. The "soon as my eyes see the sunshine vocal sample is catchy af too. My guess is your parents will freak out when you play this for them because it'll immediately dust off a chapter of music that had long forgotten. Plenty of replay value on this dusted off antique, so iTunes or Spotify if you're as smitten with funkiness as I am...#RainbowsAndWaterfalls

BONUS: The video for the track just dropped!!

Pretty Lights - Rainbows & Waterfalls


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