Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"Say Hello There, It's Been So Long"

Well I'll be damned. Dillon Francis finally got on board with the island vibes of Tropical House. His new one, Hello There, features sing-songy vocals from Yung Pinch and feels like something you'd hear at an outdoor club on (fill in the blank) island. It's half summery, half-tropical, but make no mistake, it's as chill as it gets from Dillon Francis.

Song aside, I almost lost it after pressing play on the lyric video below. I've been a vocal advocate of artists ditching the high-budget "typical" music videos for more budget-friendly, creative lyric videos. And it doesn't get any more low budget than a dude lip syncing the vocals while being super-imposed within the cover art of the track. It's even more funny that the cover art features what looks like a dude posing for an online dating site profile picture, enjoying a pineapple slice by the pool. Whether or not it's a serious expansion of Dillon's musical style remains to be scene, but color me entertained by all of the above...#HelloThere

Dillon Francis feat Yung Pinch - Hello There


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