Sunday, October 22, 2017

"Won't You Hold Me Close Tonight Like We're Kids in Love?"

Is it me or does it feel like Kygo continues to up the stakes with every new release? Looking at it from afar, the amount of styles he incorporates into his music is becoming impressive. Sure, it all starts with the piano for him, but he's gone from a Tropical House maestro to someone who has the ability to make wide range of pop anthems that will make you cry or rejoice with nostalgia.

Take for example his new one with The Night Game, Kids in Love. It has the feel of an emotional power ballad that has the ability to transport anyone listening back to high school when everything emotional was magnified. The pleading vocals of "we were kids in love and thunderous piano chords find a way to push the nostalgia to the max. It has that end of the night, close down the bar feel where everyone is trying to hit the high notes and sing along. For those of you wondering whether Kygo is getting complacent with his success, this should be the resounding NO you're looking for...#KidsInLove

Kygo feat The Night Game - Kids in Love


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